Brett Young Calls Fatherhood the 'Best Thing That Ever Happened'(Exclusive)

He might be tired, but Brett Young is one happy new father! The "Catch" singer and his wife, Taylor, welcomed daughter Presley Elizabeth into the world last month, and Young is gladly adjusting to life as a father.

"It's the absolute best thing that ever happened to us," Young gushed to "If I were to complain about sleep right now, I'd feel guilty, because my wife is sleeping much less than me. We're on cloud nine, and we're figuring it out, and very blessed."

Young might be over the moon about his daughter, but he is still having trouble articulating how special that moment was when he saw his little girl for the first time.

"The crazy thing is, I make a living on words as a songwriter," Young reflected. "When my daughter was born, she came out, and all of the things you're afraid of, like 'Are they going to take breath?' Are their eyes and ears going to work?' – she came out, took this big breath and cried, opened her eyes and looked right at me, and all of this weight came off. This idea of a person became a reality really quickly."

"I'm not a manly man, like a tough guy, but this animal, carnal need to protect this child came over me," he added. "I felt like a dad immediately. It was a really cool experience."

Young was already madly in love with his bride, but seeing her as a mother made him fall even more in love than ever.

"If you read my post when Presley was born, I said my wife was a superhero, and moms are superheroes," said the California native. "I didn't know it could be more true but I felt it in that moment, watching her over the last three weeks take to motherhood, like somebody who's done it for her whole life ... she's good. She's up all night. She's breastfeeding. She's not sleeping. She's figuring out what cry means what, and she's doing it with grace. She's good. She probably would like a couple hours of sleep right now."

Young has some time off the road before he launches The Chapters Tour next year, where he hopes to bring his wife and child out for at least some of the dates.

"That'll probably be the first tour where we start testing the baby on the road," Young hinted. "I don't know if it will be that [first] weekend or not. But the crib is on the bus. We have to transition from bassinet to crib in the house, before we try crib on the bus."

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Photo Credit: Getty / Jason Kempin