Brett Young Releases 'Bittersweet' Video for New Single 'Catch'

Brett Young just released the personal video for his latest single, "Catch."

The video was filmed on the baseball field of Young's alma mater, Ole Miss, where Young studied on a baseball scholarship.

His dreams of going pro after college were dashed when he was injured, which makes the video, filmed on a baseball field, that much more poignant.

"It was definitely bittersweet, but almost felt full circle too," Young told CMT. "It was pretty special to be back there for a music video, the past meeting the present."

Young ends the video with one of his favorite quotes, "Man plans. God laughs," which has guided Young through much of his 38 years.

"I definitely reference that quote a lot and it's such a good and accurate reflection of what has happened in my life," Young explained.

Ole Miss is a special place for Young, and not just because he went to school there.

"My wife and I got engaged in Oxford, Mississippi and our families spent Thanksgiving together last year," Young recalled. "It's a special place for us and hopefully will be to our baby girl, too. I'm looking forward to taking her to her first baseball game for sure."

While Young's original hopes of being a professional athlete were unexpectedly dashed, he hopes that others can see through his life that, even if an original plan ends in disappointment, there is always another option.

"I hope they can see that even if something doesn't work out how you wanted or planned, there might be something better for you around the corner," Young said.

"Catch" is the second single from his sophomore Ticket to L.A. album, following his fifth consecutive No. 1 hit, "Here Tonight." But his favorite song on the record is "Chapters," which he wrote with his good friend, Gavin DeGraw, who also appears on the track.

"Anybody that's followed my career to this point and read interviews, they've seen and heard that I have a huge admiration for Gavin DeGraw," Young said. "His first record and his career has had a lot to do with me wanting to pursue this as a career and do this for a living.

"We've been friends for years now," he continued, "but this is the first time that I've gotten the opportunity to get into a room and write a song with him and it turned out to be one that was kind of the perfect collaboration to also have him sing on."


Purchase Ticket to L.A. at his official website.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Jason Kempin