Brett Young’s Honeymoon Was Almost a Disaster

Brett Young married longtime girlfriend Taylor Mills in California on Nov. 3, and the pair soon [...]

Brett Young married longtime girlfriend Taylor Mills in California on Nov. 3, and the pair soon set of on their honeymoon, originally intending to spend some time relaxing in the Virgin Islands, though the trip wasn't exactly idyllic at first.

Speaking to ABC Radio, Young explained that the weather wasn't too kind to him and Mills when they first arrived, making for a dreary start to their vacation.

"We went to the Virgin Islands and it rained for three days straight!" he said.

After a few days, the pair decided to make an executive decision and abandon the Virgin Islands for sunnier skies.

"We finally went, 'O.K., we just gotta go somewhere where it's sunny,'" Young recalled. "So I found a non-stop flight from St. Croix to Miami...and we ended up having three amazing days on the was fantastic!"

The 37-year-old also opened up about their wedding, calling it "just literally fairy-tale and perfect."

Young revealed that his wife did most of the planning, something the "Here Tonight" was happy to stay out of.

"She did such a good job planning the wedding...I'm glad I stayed out of it as much as I did, 'cause it was a lot of fun surprises for me throughout the day," he said.

The pair married at the Bighorn Golf Club in Palm Desert in front of over 200 friends and family, and Young told PEOPLE that the toughest part of the day was saying his vows.

"That's definitely the moment that was most difficult to get through and not sound like a big baby," he shared. "I cried writing my vows. When you've been together for 10 years, on and off, it's really overwhelming to sit down and put into few words how you feel about somebody."

While the two are definitely busy, they're looking forward to starting a family sooner rather than later.

"We've been together for a long time and we do want kids soon," Young said. "This is the beginning of our life together, and I'm excited to say husband and wife!"

Young just received the songwriter-artist of the year honor at the ASCAP Awards and is nominated at the CMA Awards on Wednesday for New Artist of the Year, sharing that the honor has given him "a sense of validation."

He elaborated, "When you're up against so much talent, it's one of those things where if you actually do sneak away with [the award], it feels like you stole one, a little bit!"

Photo Credit: Getty / Rick Diamond