Brett Young Is Grateful Fans Are Finally Catching on to Latest Single, 'Catch' (Exclusive)

Any artist is fortunate to have his first single go to No. 1 on the charts, but for Brett Young, his first chart-topping single ("Sleep Without You") kicked off a series of hits, with all five of his singles landing in the top spot. As Young watches his sixth single, "Catch," make its way up the charts as well, the California native is hopeful that this song will continue his string of successes.

"It's been surreal," Young told "People remind me all the time, 'You know they're not all going to do that.' I know that. 'Catch' is one of my favorite songs off this second record and it's finally started to get some traction. I think 'Catch' is one of those songs that has the very obvious boy meets girl in a bar story on the surface, but it has a ton of levels.

"And you need a certain amount of exposure for a song before people can start to dig into the levels beneath the surface, and it feels like it's starting to happen," he continued. "Where people are going 'That's a song about something beautiful born out of tragedy; I have that story.' I'm starting to get those messages now, and so it feels like it's really starting to hit its stride."

The new father is breathing a bit easier now that "Catch," which he wrote with Ross Copperman and Ashley Gorley, is finally making its way up the charts.

"I've told you this before: my songs are like my kids," said Young. "So now that 'Catch' seems to be understood, it's like your kid going through grade school and feeling like he's the kid that's not understood, and then all of a sudden he's got tons of friends. It feels like 'Catch' has tons of friends now, so I love that because it's a special one for me."

Young will kick off his headlining The Chapters Tour in the beginning of 2020, where he might try to bring out his daughter, Presley, out for at least some of the shows.

"That'll probably be the first tour where we start testing the baby on the road," Young hinted. "I don't know if it will be that [first] weekend or not, but the crib is on the bus. We have to transition from bassinet to crib in the house before we try crib on the bus. But I'm bringing my longtime guitar player and piano player from my band, Matt Ferranti, out as my opener on this tour. We're keeping it all in the family.


"We're gonna use The Chapters Tour, it's a 90-minute set, to tell even more of my story," he added. "Kind of pull the curtain back, give people a little bit more of a peak, and so I'm looking forward to it and I've been writing a ton. So I don't know when, but new music's coming."

Photo Credit: Getty / Ethan Miller