Brett Eldredge Reveals How He's 'Similar' to Pup Edgar

Brett Eldredge is currently on the road on his The Long Way Tour, and all that travel can occasionally get lonely. Luckily for the star, he has his dog, Edgar to keep him company, with the pair making new friends and fans with each new Instagram post.

Those fans are likely due in part to the duo's endearing energy, which Eldredge shared is just one of the things he has in common with his pup.

"You see a lot of videos of him sleeping, but because he's such a handful sometimes and he has all that energy, I don't have time to fill them so he's kind of got high energy and being chill and then sometimes all over the place," Eldredge told "I guess your pups always end up being like their humans as well. We're similar.

(Photo: Instagram / @bretteldredge)

The pair is currently traveling together on tour, recently stopping in Chicago for a show and an opportunity to take in the city.

"It's pretty awesome to have him out on the road and share life with him," Eldredge said of Edgar. "It makes life better having a pup by your side — these lonely miles that you travel sometimes aren't so lonely when you got Edgar Boogie by your side. I love having him there. He makes life a lot of fun and I love that my fans have connected with him so much."

While Eldredge is undoubtedly the main attraction on his tour, plenty of fans are just as excited to give a shout-out to Edgar.

"That pup doesn't know how famous he is," Eldredge joked. "There are tons and tons of sign in the crowd every night for Edgar Boogie and not for his dad, so I guess he's stealing my spotlight."

The Illinois native added that his dog is constantly showered with presents from fans.

"He gets tons of gifts every day," he revealed. "The crazy thing is you would think that he would have so many, but he tears them up so quick that it's amazing that everybody sends his gifts because he's always got something new to play with and tear up and occupy his crazy energy when he's by himself."

Despite Edgar's newfound fame, Eldredge added that the pup "is just happy wherever he is."

Eldredge recently celebrated his two-year anniversary of being a dog dad, posting a photo of himself cradling Edgar when he was just a tiny puppy to mark the occasion.

(Photo: Instagram / @bretteldredge)

"2 years ago today, this lil fella @edgarboogie came into my life," the "Love Someone" singer wrote. "He was covered in fleas so I gave him a bath..he was scared to death...I was scared to death...he cried all night for several nights next to my bed...we quickly bonded in such an amazing way and he became my partner in crime...Though I swore I'd never say it, I guess it's true, I'm a dog dad, and I'm so happy I get to have this guy along for this crazy ride."

Photo Credit: Instagram / @bretteldredge