Brett Eldredge Releases 'Love Someone' Video, Featuring Dog, Edgar

Brett Eldredge has just released the video for his latest single, "Love Someone," which gives Eldredge's beloved dog, Edgar, plenty of screen time. The song is the the third single from the singer's latest self-titled album.

The energetic video shows Eldredge having fun, both on and off-stage, with Edgar by his side for many of his antics. For the Illinois native, it only made sense to include the furry friend, who spends his time on the road with Eldredge.

"It's pretty awesome to have him out on the road and share life with him," the singer tells "It makes life better having a pup by your side — these lonely miles that you travel sometimes aren't so lonely when you got Edgar Boogie by your side. I love having him there. He makes life a lot of fun and I love that my fans have connected with him so much."

Eldredge might be the star in the family, but Edgar is a close second.

"He gets tons of gifts every day," Elredge admits. "The crazy thing is you would think that he would have so many, but he tears them up so quick that it's amazing that everybody sends him gifts because he's always got something new to play with and tear up and occupy his crazy energy when he's by himself."

"Love Someone" was written by Eldredge, along with his frequent collaborators, Ross Copperman and Heather Morgan. Although the song, which says, "When you laugh at the way I dance / When you smile when you hold my hand / I look at you and I understand / Sure feels good to love someone," isn't autobiographical for Eldredge, who is currently single, it still celebrates the romance he hopes to have someday, preferably with someone who will travel with him.

"It kind of encapsulates the simple feeling of love," the Illinois native tells Travel + Leisure. "It's a feel-good song, and it's a good travel song. It's a summer song — you don't have to overthink it. I can't ever stop once I get fueled and inspired through travel — it makes me want to go back to the road, because it re-inspires me to continue to make music, see different places, and tell these stories for people I never met and just share this whole ride together."


Find a list of all of Eldredge's upcoming shows by visiting his website. Download "Love Someone" on iTunes.

Photo Credit: Getty images/Mike Coppola