Brett Eldredge Gives First Performance of New Single 'Gabrielle' on 'The Late Show'

Brett Eldredge has officially debuted his new single, 'Gabrielle,' on late-night television, [...]

Brett Eldredge has officially debuted his new single, "Gabrielle," on late-night television, performing the song at home for The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Tuesday. Eldredge delivered his performance from his backyard in Nashville, playing an acoustic guitar and wearing a tan jacket that coordinated with the table beside him, its chairs and the side of his house. The simple arrangement was similar to that of the song's recorded version, which is driven by a piano and a guitar.

"Gabrielle" is the lead single from Eldredge's upcoming album, Sunday Drive, which will be released on July 10. Eldredge told and other media that "Gabrielle" is "kind of a breakup song but with a bittersweet, kind of happy, wishing the other person well within their life wherever they are, but you still kind of look back and wonder what that person's up to and where they are now and what could have been and 'What if.' It's one of those kind of songs, the nostalgia of that." He also shared the inspiration behind the song, revealing that it is "a real story." "I'm not saying whether or not the person's actually named Gabrielle, but it is about a real situation in my life," he said.

Eldredge released "Gabrielle" along with two other songs, "Crowd My Mind" and "Where the Heart Is," three tracks he feels truly encompass the spirit of his new album. "They're definitely where I'm at in my life. I think that was the goal for this record, too, was to share a lot more of myself in an extremely honest way," he said. "I think that was important, and allowing myself to be vulnerable in my life through conversation also showed up in my music, kind of spending that time on myself."

"From 'Where the Heart Is,' kind of searching for myself to be able to give my heart, I got to find my heart, show me where the heart is," he continued. "That was a big part. And then 'Gabrielle,' kind of, staring off in the distance, showing all the things you messed up on it. Was I at fault? Were you at fault? I don't know. Was it your heart or mine or was it just the wrong time? I try not to be too judgmental of something but just looking back and being like, 'Something didn't go right but at least I can acknowledge that now and I'm grateful that I got to know that person.'"