Brett Eldredge Reveals His Dream Travel Destination

Brett Eldredge is a very frequent flier, with the singer traveling the country on tour as well as on vacation when his schedule allows.

Thanks to his new partnership with Chase and Southwest to launch the new Southwest Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card, flying is easier than ever for the star, who revealed which travel destination is currently on his list in a recent interview with

"One of the next trips that I was trying to go on two weeks ago was Costa Rica," Eldredge shared. "That is one of my next bucket list spots to go and I'm trying to find my next opening in my schedule to get down there."

The 32-year-old noted that he wants to "maybe try surfing or something," but that he'll "probably fall on my face."

Eldredge's partnership with Southwest is a fitting one since the Illinois native has been traveling with the airline for years, ever since he first made his way onto the country music scene.

"I've been flying with Southwest for a long time — since I first started radio tour back in the day when I first signed a record deal," he said. "It's a very natural fit for me."

Lucky fans even got to meet the singer in Los Angeles during the weekend at an event celebrating the partnership, with Eldredge surprising attendees at a makeshift security check.

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Eldredge uses his own Rapid Rewards card often, revealing that he and his mom recently flew to Chicago one day ahead of his show in Windy City to explore and that they "got brunch together, hung out and walked around the city."

The card is the next step up from the Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Credit Card, and Eldredge was the first cardmember to earn the upgrade.

New Rapid Rewards Priority Credit Card benefits include a $75 annual Southwest travel credit, up to four upgraded boardings per year, 20 percent back on in-flight purchases and more, as well as the opportunity to earn points on purchases and existing benefits of flying Southwest like no seat restrictions and no change fees. Those perks make the card an ideal option for those who travel often or those who are simply seeking an elevated experience each time they do step on a plane.

Eldredge explained that he's "always on Wi-Fi — either on social media or doing some kind of work on a plane," so "benefits like that are huge for me, as much as I travel and go all over the place."

The "Love Someone" singer is currently traveling on his The Long Way Tour, which gives him the opportunity to visit cities across the country to both play shows and take in the sights.

"You sit there, you get to the venue at seven or eight in the morning and then you don't get to play until 10 at night," he explained. "So a lot of times I'm venturing around the cities."

As for his favorite part of being on the road, Eldredge revealed it's the connection with the crowd he feels each time he steps on stage.


"What I love most is getting in front of everybody and having that connection of why I came to that place," he said. "Having that true connection that is unlike anything I've ever done in my entire life. That's what I live for."

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