Brad Paisley Releases New Song Featuring Ukraine President Zelenskyy

Brad Paisley has released a brand new song that features Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyy. The tune is called "Same Here," and it will be included in the country superstar's new album, Son Of The Mountains, per Stereogum. Zelenskyy does not sing on the track, but can be heard speaking to Paisley after being introduced as the songwriter's "friend across the ocean."

Paisley then sings: "He's got his own kind of football team that lets him down every year/ A wife he loves and a bunch of dreams for his country he holds so dear." In a clip of their conversation, which plays underneath Paisley's vocals, Zelenskyy says, "We speak different languages in our life. Yes, but I think we appreciate the same things – children, freedom, our flag, our soldiers, our people." The track, which can be streamed below, has been released as a charity single, raising money for Ukrainian relief efforts through Zelenskyy's United24 initiative.

Speaking about the new track, Paisley explained, "'Same Here' with President Zelenskyy is one of the pieces of this album that represents so much a part of my journey from West Virginia to now. One of the prevailing themes on this album is freedom. That's something I truly believe in, and think is our most precious gift as Americans. The song is grounded in observing life in the United States, then to people from other countries who speak different languages and to one across the ocean that's at war. We start to realize how similar we all are."

The country music icon added, "That's one of the things the President says in the song, 'There is no distance between our two countries in such values.' They are longing for what we as Americans have already. It's heartbreaking watching this struggle in modern time for freedom and democracy and the ability to just simply be who they want to be in peace."

Paisley then added, "This song is something that I hope resonates not only with my fans and people in America, but people anywhere that feel a similar desire to be free and safe and happy. Because I really do believe that as human beings when you take away the banners that determine what country we all live in, we all want the same things." Son of the Mountains is Paisley's first album with his new record label, Universal Nashville. At this time, there is no announced release date.