Brad Paisley Crashes Another Zoom Call, Joins Group of Teachers for Happy Hour

Brad Paisley is back on Zoom, surprising a group of teachers in upstate New York when he crashed their happy hour this week. Unfortunately, the women made a classic mistake almost immediately — when Paisley asked them to hold up what they were drinking, they all held up wineglasses. "Wine?" Paisley jokingly admonished before referencing "No I in Beer," his new single. "The song's about beer!"

"This is a heck of a school to go to, these poor kids," he joked. Paisley asked the women where they were from before chatting with each of the teachers, trolling one of them about her choice of decor and thanking them for their efforts, sharing that his mom was a fourth grade teacher for years. "If anyone deserves a drink right now, it's teachers having to do all this stuff," he said. "It's nuts." Paisley captioned the video most simply, writing: "Thank you teachers. I crashed an upstate Ny teachers happy hour. Thank you teachers for doing what you do, especially now. #noiinbeer #wereallinthistogether."

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On Saturday, April 18, Paisley virtually shared a drink with a number of fans on Zoom in what he dubbed "The Paisley Pubcrawl." "Everybody's different Zooms already, looking at some of the ones I've done, it's been crazy," the singer told the Associated Press. "I jumped in a 21st birthday, that was its own thing, they were playing beer pong in their houses... another one I jumped in was a teacher conference, they sent a link, they were like, 'Hey, wanna jump in and these elementary school teachers in Illinois?' And I'm like, 'Okay, let's see.' Another one was health care workers."

"Some of them are pretty... it's inspiring," he continued. "You see these people, they're just staying connected any way they can."


In another recent Zoom bomb, Paisley surprised a different group of teachers from Mississippi, joining their meeting wearing a Star Wars Mandalorian mask. Ashlyn Williamson, a third grade teacher at Oak Grove Elementary School, told the Hattiesburg American that the teachers "screamed with excitement" when Paisley revealed his identity before letting the group know that he was appreciative of everything teachers are doing during the pandemic. "If you don't like this, then go be somebody that can fix this kind of thing someday. Go figure out what needs done and channel this," he told them. "Become what you want to be. It's not fair, I hate it, go out there and make a difference."