Bobby Bones 'Didn't Believe Love Was a Real Thing' Before Meeting Fiancée Caitlin Parker

Bobby Bones and fiancée Caitlin Parker put their relationship to the test on a new episode of NatGeo's Running Wild with Bear Grylls, which premiered on Monday night. Bones previously appeared on the show in an episode that aired in early 2020, and he reflected on the changes in his life between those two adventures during his second appearance, most notably, meeting Parker.

"The last time you and I sat around here, we talked about how I had been — not only just single, but I just didn't believe love was a real thing," the radio host told Grylls. He continued, "I'd only seen it on movies or read about it in books. And if you've never experienced it, you start to go, 'Either something's wrong with me, or everybody's lying.' And so I met her and then it was just like a recharge inside of me. And for me, that was really one of the best things that's ever happened to me."

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The couple met through mutual friends, though Bones pointed out that his now-fiancée "didn't even want to go out with me." "Let me be honest for a second," he said. "Someone like her, look at her. Look at me. This is a mismatch. Let's be honest here." Grylls was quick to reassure his guest, telling him, "More importantly than that, your character is beautiful. I just think you haven't had enough people remind you in your life."

Bones acknowledged that Parker has helped him to learn to appreciate himself. "Well for the first time ever, she tells me that and I believe her when she says it," he shared. "And that's a real gift that I've been able to accept."

The couple also had a discussion about self-worth during the episode when Parker told Grylls that she wants her fiancé to be able to find his worth in places other than his career. "I love his aspirations, but my thing with him is I think he's been so career-driven, which is beautiful and it's gotten him to amazing places, but let's find our worth in things that aren't just our career," she said. "Find your worth in who you are, not in what you've accomplished."


Bones admitted, "I have always — and still do — always found my worth in how successful I've been. It's really the only place I found love, ever, but I've never been told that I really had worth." He added. "Now that I'm really starting to accept it, it's still foreign feeling, but I can feel me making progress. And anything in my life that I've gotten good at, it's all started with really small progression. And I feel that now, for the first time."