Blake Shelton Responds to Fans' Concerns Over Ticket Refunds

Blake Shelton is attempting to assuage fans' concerns after several people say they were refused refunds for the singer's Friends & Heroes Tour due to the fact that they received messages saying the shows were postponed and not canceled, sharing a video on social media explaining the situation. "I figured it would be a lot easier for me to sit down and say this on video, instead of try to write it all out," Shelton began.

"To be clear about this ticket refund situation, the Friends & Heroes Tour, which was myself, the Bellamy Brothers, Trace Adkins, John Anderson and Lauren Alaina — sadly that tour is canceled," he said. "It's gone. It's not going to happen moving forward. It's canceled." Shelton had multiple shows left on his Friends & Heroes Tour earlier this year before the trek was halted due to the coronavirus pandemic. The Oklahoma native told fans that that specific tour will not be returning, though he will be visiting the cities whose shows did not happen.

"I still plan to go back and play those markets that we didn't get to, but it will not be the Friends & Heroes Tour, and I want to be totally upfront about that," he said. "I think that's where the confusion has come in, for everybody involved." Shelton told fans that if they would like a refund for their Friends & Heroes Tour ticket, you can log in to their Ticketmaster account and click the refund link under their Blake Shelton order. If fans have issues after taking those steps, they can email

"But if you want to hang on to your ticket, when I do come back to those markets, there's your ticket, you got it," he continued. "You already bought it. You got your seat. I never want to mislead anybody. I have no idea at this point when that's going to be. Hopefully, as soon as they say we can tour again, we'll be one of the first that tours back out there. But I want to be clear, it won't be the Friends & Heroes Tour. I don't even know what the tour's going to look like. So if you want to hang on to that ticket, it's still going to be your ticket; it's still going to work."

Shelton added that if fans purchased their tickets through a third party, he doesn't have much say in how that retailer chooses to handle the situation. On Twitter, Shelton had been responding to several fans who appear to have purchased their tickets from third parties refusing to refund them.


"Now when it comes to StubHub, and some of these third-party ticket vendors, what I've been told is StubHub is, they just flat out don't offer refunds; they offer credits," he said in the video. "There's not a lot I can do about that. There's not a lot anybody on my team can do about something like that. I'm also being told that a lot of the third-party ticket vendors throughout all this chaos have gone, and they don't even exist anymore. I don't know how true that is, but all I can tell you is that we deal with Ticketmaster, and Ticketmaster is offering refunds."

"This is all terrible and I hope to get back on the road again and get all this stuff behind us," he concluded. "You guys stay safe, and if you want that refund from Ticketmaster, it's there, You'll get it."