Blake Shelton Gives New Music Update: 'I Don't Think I'm Really Working on an Album'

Blake Shelton just had a massive hit with 'God's Country.' The song is likely a debut single from [...]

Blake Shelton just had a massive hit with "God's Country." The song is likely a debut single from an upcoming new album, but Shelton admits he isn't sure when, or what, he will release next.

"I don't think I'm really working on an album still, to be honest with you," Shelton shared with and other media. "I just want to record some songs and release them. I know it's inevitable that we are going to have a project and we've already had some calls this week [with] the label; there's no way they're not going to try put together some kind of a project, so I know that's going to happen. But I'm loving just recording a song and putting it out there. I don't know how people consume – I never thought I would say people consume music. We always just bought records, growing up.

"I'm still trying to get a grip on it; I don't really understand it," he continued. "I know that it's a good thing when a song is big, like 'God's Country' and somehow people make money on it with streaming, or whatever people do now to make money in the record industry. I don't understand how it works. I love, I kind of love this weird spot we're in because it's a blast for me to just sit back and go, 'Okay, now what else y'all got? I'll go cut it. Let's go cut it next week and put it out the week after that if you want to.'"

While Shelton knows he will likely eventually have to release a full record, he has yet to determine what other songs he wants to include.

"I don't know about a direction," conceded the singer. "To be honest with you, I'm just having fun. At this point in my life and career things feel like everything is icing on the cake for me, at this point. All I want to do is make the records that I want to make, with the people that I want to make them with. Outside of that I don't care how they package it or what they do with it."

Shelton just released a new single, "Hell Right," with Trace Adkins. Shelton will return to The Voice for Season 17 on Sept. 23 on NBC, where he will be joined by John Legend, Kelly Clarkson and his longtime girlfriend, Gwen Stefani.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Jeff Kravitz