Big & Rich's John Rich to Host New Series 'The Pursuit' on Fox Nation

Big & Rich's John Rich will star in a new program on Fox Nation in early 2020. The country singer has been announced as the host of a new series on Fox Nation, The Pursuit! With John Rich. Fox Nation is the network's on-demand direct to consumer streaming service, which is perfect for his new show, which will be filmed in the Texas native's Nashville home.

"Joining Fox Nation is a new and exciting venture that I am looking forward to pursuing," Rich said in a statement via PEOPLE. "Through my program, I hope to further connect with the Fox News family and continue to create meaningful content."

The Pursuit! With John Rich will invite both Rich's own friends and other celebrities into his house for a personal conversation about how they achieved their own version of the American dream.

"John has been an asset to Fox News throughout the year, helping us raise money for Folds of Honor through the hit single 'Shut Up About Politics' and his role in the recent Fox Nation Patriot Awards," said Fox Nation's Executive Vice President of Development John Finley. "We are overjoyed to have him join our platform and bring our subscribers a new realm of entertainment we know they will enjoy."

Rich donated the proceeds from "Shut Up About Politics," which became a No. 1 hit on iTunes, to Folds of Honor, an organization that offers scholarships to families of soldiers wounded or killed in service.

"It's something that I've become very involved in and I think to me is one of the most powerful organizations helping the families of veterans," Rich said.

Rich is so passionate about Folds of Honor, he donates a portion of the proceeds from his Redneck Riviera Whiskey to the cause.

"Redneck Riviera's a great phrase," Rich previously told and other media. "It's a funny phrase but it also has a lot of soul to it. It is blue collar America, work hard play hard. But just because we work hard and we may stretch a dollar every now and then, doesn't mean we want to drink the cheap stuff. We still want to drink the good stuff. So if I give them the good stuff, at the lower price, and at the good price, we've got ourselves a home run ... I'm proud of it."


Rich's The Pursuit! With John Rich will debut in February of 2020. Find more information on the Fox Nation website.

Photo Credit: Getty / Tim Mosenfelder