'American Idol': Watch Luke Bryan Perform 'Every Breath You Take' With Laci Kaye Booth

Luke Bryan took the stage during the American Idol finale on Sunday, May 19, to perform not only his hit single, "Knockin' Boots," but also a duet with finalist Laci Kaye Booth. The two sang "Every Breath You Take," earning a standing ovation for their unique take on the classic hit.

Booth made it into the Top 5, with Laine Hardy being declared the ultimate American Idol winner. Bryan later commented on their performance on social media.

"Well...how did we do? That was fun [Laci Kaye Booth]," Bryan later wrote on social media, using the hashtags [Idol Finale], [American Idol] and [Knockin Boots]."

Judging by the fans' response, they did very well!

"You were amazing, Luke!" one person wrote.

"You two were great together," said another.

"Think I just became a Luke Bryan fan today," one viewer revealed.

"Loved that unexpected vibe as your duet with Laci!" one person observed.

Neither Bryan nor fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie have officially announced their return to Idol next year, but Bryan does hint it seems likely.

"Love that a third season is on the way," Bryan said, via Taste of Country. "All things feel positive that me and Lionel and Katy will be back. We're doing the business of the business."

Bryan hopes they all return, in part to continue the work they have started the last two seasons.

"When Ryan Seacrest sends you a text message going, 'Thank you for really making this brand … a great brand,' it's something that we're proud of. It's something I enjoy doing," Bryan said. "It's something that I work hard at."

Bryan can now set his sights on his upcoming Sunset Repeat Tour, which kicks off on May 31 with Cole Swindell and Jon Langston serving as his opening acts. He also just announced he will host Crash My Playa for the sixth year in a row, with Jason Aldean filling in one of the three nights as a headliner.

"Crash My Playa is the most enjoyable things I've ever done in my career," Bryan explained. "To get to go mid to late January down in Mexico, get a good suntan on and go sing your music and just have a big onstage party. The past couple of years, I have called my buddy Jason Aldean, and I think he's been having children.

"He's been doing stuff like that," he added, "and finally he's got a window where he's gonna make it this year, and I'm excited to hang with him down at the beach."


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Photo Credit: Getty images / CBS Photo Archive