'American Idol': Luke Bryan Reflects on End of Second Season as a Judge

Luke Bryan just wrapped up his second season as a judge on American Idol, with the show crowning Laine Hardy as a winner. After a two-hour star-studded episode, which included artists like Carrie Underwood, Dan + Shay, Adam Lambert and more taking the stage, Bryan reflected on the end of the emotional night.

"Tonight was incredible and this season was so much fun," Bryan tweeted. "Thanks to everyone for watching and voting. That’s a wrap [American Idol]"

Bryan previously hinted that he, along with fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie, would return for another season on American Idol, even though their contracts have yet to be finalized.

"Love that a third season is on the way," Bryan said, via Taste of Country. "All things feel positive that me and Lionel and Katy will be back. We’re doing the business of the business."

Part of the Georgia native's reason for wanting to return to Idol is so he, along with Perry and Richie, can continue to inspire and encourage other aspiring singers, like he once was.

“When Ryan Seacrest sends you a text message going, ‘Thank you for really making this brand … a great brand’ it’s something that we’re proud of. It’s something I enjoy doing," Bryan said. "It’s something that I work hard at.”

Alejandro Aranda and Madison Vandenburg were also in the Top 3, but for all of the finalists, not just Hardy, Bryan says their work is really just beginning.

"They're gonna have to work," Bryan acknowledged. “These kids can go win American Idol all they want. The present situation that’s gonna have to happen is they’re gonna have to go earn it."

Bryan's favorite part of his job on Idol is the chance to meet so many rising stars.

“It’s always about the contestants," Bryan explained "That’s what makes the show fun for us – the surprises, the talent, the youthfulness of the talent. I mean, we have so many 15, 16, 17-year-olds that are unbelievable, and watching them handle the pressure and have fun and the tears and the joy and the smile and all that. So, we’re loving it.


"We love the role – me and Katie and Lionel and Ryan – we’re having a great time doing this," he continued. "If we weren’t having a good time, it would change the whole dynamic. To be able to facilitate these kids’ dreams is very special.”

Photo Credit: Getty Images/ David Livingston