Adam Hambrick's Wife Merritt Gives Birth to Second Child, Heidi Celeste

It's another girl for Adam Hambrick and his wife, Merritt! The couple welcomed their daughter, Heidi Celeste, into the world on Friday, July 19.

"Wow what a weekend," the rising star shared on social media. "Our family is proud to welcome our 2nd daughter, Heidi Celeste Hambrick. Mom and baby were blessed with a safe delivery and are doing very well. Remember all that 'bloodshot eyes, watch the sunrise' stuff? Yeah, we're doing that again."

Heidi will join big sister, 3-year-old Gracie Lane, in the Hambrick household.

"Gracie is so excited to have a sister to play with," Hambrick told Country Now. "She's at an age where she always wants to help, so that will be fun for us too."

Hambrick's next scheduled show is Aug. 8, giving him a little time to take care of his wife and children.

"Merritt and Heidi are doing well and settling in," Hambrick said. "We appreciate all our family and friends so much for their kind words and congratulations. And the cookies. We definitely appreciate the cookies."

Hambrick hopes to soon be able to graduate to a bus, so he can bring his family out on the road with him.

"We don't have a bus yet," Hambrick told "We gotta get one of these singles up to the top of the charts so Adam can get him a bus."

The Mississippi native's current single is "All You, All Night, All Summer," an ode to his favorite season in his hometown.

"That song is just kind of a series of snapshots of summer love in the town that I grew up in," the rising star told "It just reminds me of summer flings and running around Corinth, Mississippi with my buddies in high school. I feel like everybody has that kind of young, wild, summertime thing in their history. I think it's a song people connect to and like a lot."

Hambrick is juggling touring and being a dad with finishing his freshman album. Although he doesn't have a release date, he does reveal he wants to give his fans a full project.

"I love to listen to a record," Hambrick said. "I love to listen to a full album because it's a full body of work, where an artist has an opportunity to take you into a world and to say something important to them. I'm always going to be an albums artist. But I know you also have to ride that line of understanding how people consume music right now, so I always want to be mindful of that and make music that fits into that.

"But at the same time," he added, "I want to create an opportunity for other music fans like myself who want to go deeper. That's why I'll always be an albums guy."


Find dates for all of Hambrick's upcoming shows by visiting his website.

Photo Credit: Getty images / Erika Goldring