Here's What Miranda Lambert's Signed Guitar Read During ACM Awards

Midway through Sunday night's 53rd Annual ACM Awards Show, Miranda Lambert took the stage for the second time to perform her hit song, "Keeper of the Flame."

Lambert used a light brown acoustic guitar during the performance, which noticeably had something written on the front of it.

Some of Lambert's more observant fans were able to zoom in and see what it read, revealing that the guitar was signed by none other than Country Music Hall of Famer Loretta Lynn.

"Who has a guitar with a handwritten "love you honey" from Miss Loretta? [Miranda Lambert] that's who," one user wrote.

"[Miranda Lambert] has always been a badass queen but now they flashed her Loretta Lynn signed guitar and she went up in the badassness scale...I didn't even know that was possible," another added.

"Wut... crazy amazing performance... Ms. Loretta on guitar for support..." another tweeted.

"That guitar signed by Loretta Lynn. 'I love you Miranda' just melts my heart," another user wrote.

"Today is Loretta's 86 Birthday. Appropriate guitar to use for Keeper of the Flame!!!" wrote another

"Freakin loved the fact that [Miranda Lambert] performed with her Loretta Lynn] signed guitar! Always plays her a— off," one country fan tweeted.

"[Miranda Lambert] singing keeper of the flame and killing it with a Loretta Lynn signed guitar after winning the most ACMs in history while Blake and Gwen sit in the front row," another wrote.

Lambert made headlines multiple times throughout the night.


She won the first award of the night, Song of the Year, for her hit song "Tin Man." The heartbreaking song is about her divorce from Blake Shelton, who just so happened to be in the front row of the MGM Gran alongside his girlfriend Gwen Stefani, that gave social media a kick out of the awkward encounter.

That awkwardness continued as she walked onstage later in the night, giving a noticeable side-eye to her former husband of four years. It was reported on April 8 that Lambert and her most recent boyfriend, singer Anderson East, broke up recently.