Luke Bryan Helps Couple With Gender Reveal on Stage

A couple who attended Luke Bryan's concert in Oklahoma City this weekend was determined to get the superstar to help them find out the sex of their upcoming baby, with their plan succeeding as Bryan agreed to open the envelope they had brought along with them to share the news.

Ashley Link shared a video to Facebook of the moment Bryan helped her and husband Jon find out whether they are having a girl or a boy, with Ashley telling ABC News that she brought along a sign to help catch Bryan's attention.

"I held up a sign that said 'What will it be? Luke Please tell me! Girl or Boy,'" she said. "We were several songs in before he actually came over and started talking to me."

After Bryan noticed the sign and accepted Ashley's envelope, he joked, "These damn gender reveals have gotten out of control."

The "Knockin' Boots" singer played around with the pair and asked to see the pregnancy test before telling them, "You guys look like you’ve had sex together."

"How many children do you have?" he asked. "None, this is our first," Ashley told him. Bryan responded, "You better enjoy partying tonight, because your life is over."

"I feel like I'm on Maury Povich right now," Bryan said before opening the envelope, in which was a green piece of paper that prompted him to exclaim, "Congratulations, you're having an alien!"

Once the American Idol judge read the information, he shared, "First of all, it's very healthy, and you are having a girl. Congratulations!"

After the crowd erupted into cheers, Bryan handed the envelope back to Ashley, who told ABC News that he "was a great sport about it," though she couldn't remember whether she thanked him.

"If not, I would love to send out a big thank you to him," she said. "He gave us a lifetime of memories!"

Bryan knows all too well what the parents-to-be are in for, as the star is dad to his two sons Bo, 11, and Tate, 9, and he and wife Caroline also parent Bryan's nephew, Til, and nieces Jordan and Kris.


"Knockin Boots. Well, I’m like, 'Boys, it’s like when me and momma are dancing, and our boots hit together,'" Bryan joked to Cody Alan about what he tells his sons when it comes to his latest single. "They have a few years before they figure that out.”

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