Luke Combs' Fiancee Speaks out About His Grand Ole Opry Induction

Luke Combs fiancée, Nicole Hocking, is speaking out about her future husband's recent Grand Ole Opry induction. Hocking, who was on hand to witness Combs' biggest career achievement to date, spoke out on social media about the huge honor.

(Photo: Instagram/nicolehocking)

"Congratulations on becoming the newest member of the Grand Ole Opry," Hocking wrote on Instagram, using the heart eyes and flame emojis. "Such a perfect night surrounded by the best people. So proud of you, babe. What an honor! #family."

Combs was inducted on Tuesday, July 16, by both Vince Gill and Joe Diffie.

"As far as career achievements go, to me, this is the number one thing," Combs shared with and other media backstage prior to his induction. "The sold-out arenas are great and sold-out amphitheaters are great and those are things that you strive for to continue to be able to tour and continue to have a platform to put your music out there, but this is just an institution.

"To me, it's beyond country music," he continued. "It is country music. Being asked was the most amazing, overwhelming, flattering, humbling experience that I've ever had, and so will definitely will always and forever be the number one career achievement for me, over winning this or winning that, or going to this, or selling out that. This is the thing that nobody can ever take away from me," he added, "which is, I think, what I'm so proud of."

Combs has had almost unprecedented success, with five consecutive No. 1 singles, all from his freshman This One's for You record. Combs is grateful for his achievements, even though his popularity comes with a price.

"The hardest part has definitely been getting used to the fame part of it. That has been really interesting for me," Combs acknowledged. "I was already like, I didn't love to go out to the bars or I didn't love to do this or that. I loved writing songs and I loved playing the songs for people who love to hear it. I think at the end of the day, that's what this is all about.


"Getting to know, as a member of the Opry family," he added, "I have the opportunity to continue to sharing our songs with people for the rest of my life, I think that is a really awesome thing, a really important thing for me."

Photo Credit: Getty Images/John Shearer


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