Maren Morris Offers New Details in Story Behind 'GIRL'

Maren Morris is offering new details in the story of her current single, "GIRL." The singer shared more of the inspiration behind the song in an appearance on the Howard Stern Show.

"It wasn't supposed to be a song," Morris shared before performing an a cappella version of the tune. "I was really just [complaining] to my co-writers that day about what was going on in my life. I was like, 'I want to be friends with this person. We're both in this industry. Why can't we just root for each other and not be competitive? And then I realized a little bit into when it was becoming a song and shaping up to be one, I felt like no, this is about me. I'm talking to myself, and I am really cracking."

After Stern asked for clarification, Morris revealed what was at the root of her angst that led to the song.

"Why am I taking this so seriously, this whole career thing?" she reflected. "This is supposed to be fun. I was just really letting a lot of criticism and pressure get to me. I was maybe taking it out on this other person, and I realized it was maybe really self-reflective."

Morris previously acknowledged that "GIRL," which is currently in the Top 15 and climbing, was written during a time of intense personal struggle.

"There's a line in the verse where it says, 'I don't like myself right now,'" Morris told SiriusXM’s The Highway. "That's a really tough message to admit, that I'm not killing it right now. I'm really not on my game. And I just need to accept that for today, and tomorrow is a new day.' I think that allows people to realize, just because you're an artist, doesn't mean that you're successful every single day, and you're celebrating that success every day.

"There's dark sides to everything," she continued. "I've had to do a lot of soul-diving this past year, personally and professionally. Getting married, and going into this new phase artistic-ness with this song, and this album."


"GIRL" is the title track of Morris' latest album. Order the record, and find a list of all of her shows her mostly sold-out Girl: The World Tour, at

Photo Credit: Getty images/Theo Wargo