Jessie James Decker Pledges 2019 Will Be 'Filled With More Music' as She Prepares for New Tour

Almost a year after welcoming son Forrest with husband Eric, Jessie James Decker is focusing on getting out there and getting back to her music in 2019.

The singer/songwriter opened up about her New Year's resolutions in an interview with Wednesday, revealing that she's just like most of us when it comes to a slow and steady approach to change.

"One of [my resolutions] was to try to get out and be more social and not just be nesting all the time," she told PopCulture, confessing that getting out of the house is tough, especially with baby number three about to turn one in March.

"When I'm out working, that's when I'm more social, and I've got work to do," Decker, 30, explained. "But I also love the people I work with, and it's fun. And then when I have free time, I just want to be home, so I feel like I never go to parties or events that friends have and all that. So, I gotta get better at that instead of just ... I'm always at home with the family, which is ... I mean, if you think about it, it's not a bad thing."

When asked how her resolve to be less of a homebody was going a little less than a month in, the Southern Girl City Lights artist joked, "I haven't done anything yet, but it's only been a few weeks. So, I'm getting there."

Another one of her resolutions was to "make sure 2019 is filled with more music."

The Eric & Jessie: Game On star admitted, "I think people forget sometimes that this is where my career stems from ... my biggest passion is music. I'm a musician."

She continued, "I had a record deal at 19. I think people forget and see me as the reality star, and that's nice. But music is my heart and soul, and so, that was a resolution, '19, I'm going on-tour. I'm putting out another album. I'm going to put as much attention on this as possible because it's my passion."

Decker added she never wants to seem like she's "complaining" about her TV show, adding that since she first started appearing on E!, "It introduced me to this massive audience of females. It changed the game for me. I didn't have female fans before until I did our show, and now all my fans are females. And it's so special, and now I just want to make sure they remember the music and how special it is to me."

Working on her new album and preparing for her tour, which begins April 12 in Denver, has been a lot of work, but Decker credits her passion and protein-heavy diet for keeping her going.

Partnering with Jack Link's beef jerky only made sense, she added, because their jerky is "the snack I actually request" when she's backstage, "because it's protein, and it's healthy. And it's not too heavy. I'm such a protein person. I just feel like, for me, I feel better whenever I have lots. My body functions better. Not everyone's that way, but I know, for me, if I don't have protein throughout the day, I don't feel as energized and upbeat."


For tour dates and ticket information, visit Decker's website here.

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