Kacey Musgraves Thinks Harry Styles Fans Will 'Genuinely Love' Her Music

Kacey Musgraves is spending the summer on the road, serving as the opening act on Harry Styles' summer tour. The trek, which kicks off on June 5 in Dallas, Texas, is a chance for Musgraves to share her music, especially her recent Golden Hour album, with fans who may not otherwise know the country star.

"I think that his fans will genuinely really love the records, especially seeing the direction his new album has gone," Musgraves shared with PopCulture.com at a recent media event. "It kind of makes sense that we're kind of meeting in the middle. I'm leaning a little his way, and he's leaning a little mine and I think it'll make for a really good time."

Musgraves, who spent the first part of 2018 serving as the opening act on Little Big Town's The Breakers Tour, will also spend part of the year playing her own shows as well.

"In the fall I'll be doing my own shows," Musgraves revealed. "Each album, it's necessary to kind of reinvent your live show, you know. And that's – it's a fun but tedious process. Opening, and being an opener is so much different than a headliner. It's just completely different shows."

Whether she's playing an arena or a more intimate venue, Musgraves just wants to connect with her fans in the best way possible

"I just I want to create a really Zen-like vibey experience for people to hear the music.," explained Musgraves. "What is a challenge though, is you know, figuring out how to put a set together that includes old songs and new songs, because they sound so different."

The 29-year-old might enjoy collaborating with artists from other genres, but her roots remain firmly in country music.

"I think Harry will be fun," said Musgraves. "I've always just kind of set out to do what I do no matter who I'm playing with, whether its Willie Nelson or Katy Perry. We play generally kind of the same set. Cause I feel like Harry asked me to be there because he likes what I do, so I'm not gonna try to mold myself into something like pop, or you know, something that I'm not."

Musgraves' current single, "Space Cowboy," is in the Top 30 and climbing. Download the single on iTunes.


Find a list of all of Musgraves' upcoming shows by visiting her website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/spaceykacey