Thomas Rhett Almost Missed One of His Own Shows

Thomas Rhett is good at many things, but being responsible hasn't always been one of his strong points. The "Life Changes" singer recalls one time when his irresponsibility almost cost him a show, teaching him an important lesson in the process.

"On the Florida Georgia Line [Anything Goes] Tour, I was out watching the opening act. I think it was Frankie Ballard from front of house," says Rhett. "And if you know me, I never carry a pass with me. My managers don’t even give me a pass because it will be lost within two days. So I usually am walking with someone that has a pass that can take me somewhere but this time I didn’t. I walked through the crowd by myself, went to the front of house and then I had to walk back.

"There’s like 20 minutes of change over time so I’m kind of out there talking to the front of house guys and I realize I have ten minutes before my show starts," Rhett continues. "So I start making my way backstage. Well there’s three different security guards that will not let me back. And I don’t have my cell phone. I can’t call anyone and I’m trying to like point at the poster in the hallway like, 'Hey that’s like my face and I have to get back there because I’m about to start.' And I literally didn’t get back there until like one minute before my show went on. So it really taught me to keep up with a laminate and the pass.”

Rhett has certainly learned more responsiblity now that he's headlining his own Life Changes Tour, and will also open for Kenny Chesney on his Trip Around the Sun Tour this summer, which he admits is a dream come true.

"Being on a Kenny Chesney tour, I think is a dream that I've had since I was 19 years old," Rhett says. "[Jason] Aldean’s done it, Eric Church has done it, Miranda [Lambert] has done it. Anybody who is somebody has done that tour and there's a reason for that and it's because Kenny has perfected the art of learning how to entertain 70,000 people for two hours."


A list of all of Rhett's upcoming shows can be found on his website.

Photo Credit: Instagram/thomasrhettakins