Salty ACM Awards Viewer Has Words About Miranda Lambert Beating Carrie Underwood

Not everyone was happy that Miranda Lambert took home the hardware for Female Vocalist of the Year at Sunday night's ACM Awards.

While many took to social media to congratulate the "Tin Man" singer, one viewer let their feelings fly, arguing that Carrie Underwood should have won the award instead.

"I’m disgusted by this. If someone honestly thinks that Miranda Lambert is a better vocalist than Carrie Underwood ... [I don't know] what to tell you. Carrie can sing circles around Miranda," the salty fan wrote.

Others responded in agreeance with the opinion, with some calling it "all politics" and others saying Underwood is "the most flawless vocalist I think I have ever heard."

But others defended Lambert, writing that while Underwood may objectively be a better vocalist, as the fan says Lambert has admitted, the academy takes more into consideration.

While Underwood stans may have bad blood with Lambert and vice versa, it appears things are peaceful between the two country music legends. Lambert herself noted before the awards ceremony that Underwood, her one-time "Something' Bad" collaborator, can "sing me under the table."

"It makes me proud to be a woman in this industry when I see her sing up there and do that," Lambert said of Underwood, as reported by Rolling Stone. "She's one of the greatest singers of all time in any genre of music and can sing me under the table. I say that every time and I will continue to say that, but I'm just proud of her and I know how strong she is and how hard she's worked."

Lambert took home Female Vocalist of the Year for the ninth time, making it her 32nd ACM Award — a record among both male and female country artists.

Both women got a chance to perform throughout the night, with Lambert singing "Keeper of the Flame" off her double album The Weight of These Wings and Underwood singing her new single "Cry Pretty," her first performance since suffering a nasty fall at her home in November.

Underwood received a prolonged standing ovation from the crowd after flawlessly delivering the new song. Almost fully recovered from her facial and wrist injuries, Underwood looked as perfect as ever as she hit the stage.

The star had previously opened up about the single in a letter to fans on her website, sharing that she co-wrote the track with writers Hillary Lindsey, Liz Rose, and Lori McKenna, who also write under the name Love Junkies.


"The title refers to when emotions take over and you just can’t hold them back," Underwood wrote. "It really speaks to a lot of things that have happened in the past year and I hope when you hear it, you can relate those feelings to those times in your life. It’s emotional. It’s real. And it ROCKS!"

Although she lost out on Female Vocalist of the Year, Underwood took home Vocal Event of the Year for "The Fighter" with Keith Urban.