Keith Urban Reveals 'Graffiti U' Track List, Collaborations

Keith Urban is releasing more details about his upcoming Graffiti U album! The singer, who just announced the record would be released on April 27, shared the track list for the new set of tunes on social media, revealing a few collaborations.

Urban, who collaborated with Julia Michaels for his current single, "Coming Home," also sang with Shy Carter on "My Wave," with newcomer Kassi Ashton on "Drop Top," and with Lindsay Ell, who will open for Urban on his Canadian shows, on "Horses."

The Aussie, who contributed with both Underwood and Nile Rodgers and Pitbull on his 2016 Ripcord album, is a fan of working with both other artists and producers, utilizing nine other producers to help him produce his last record.

"I think that any sports person will talk about working with different coaches and how one will bring something different out of an athlete," Urban told Billboard. I feel that way in the studio with different co-producers. I like exploring where my music and my artistry can go and to really expand it. I’ve found that the best way to do that is to collaborate."

Urban hinted earlier this year that Graffiti U would showcase the talents of others besides himself.

“I’ve been full-on writing, recording, collaborating and creating with some incredibly talented people for Graffiti U, a lot of whom I’ve never worked with before,” Urban acknowledged. “I can hear how some of the songs will translate live already, which really makes putting on a new show so exhilarating."

The first single from Graffiti U, "Female," included not only the song's co-writer, Nicolle Galyon, but also Urban's wife, actress Nicole Kidman.

“Well, Nicolle Galyon, who’s one of the writers on the song, she did the part originally and you hear her on the record,” Urban explained. “But when I was working at my studio at the house, Nic was home … my Nic was home, and I went upstairs and said ‘Would you come down and sing these parts as well? ‘Cause it’d be great to have on this record. Of all songs this is the right one to have you on.'"

"So, she came down and sang along with Nicolle Galyon," he continued. "So, there’s Nic and Nic on the track."


Graffiti U is currently available for pre-order on Amazon and iTunes.

Photo Credit: Facebook/Keith Urban