Cole Swindell Releases Spotlight Video For 'Break Up In the End'

Cole Swindell hasn't released an official video for his latest single, "Break Up In the End," but he did film a Spotlight Video, which shows the singer emotionally delivering lines like "Even if I knew you'd be the one that got away / I'd still go back and get you / Even if I knew you'd be my best and worst mistake / Oh, I'd still make it with you / Over and over, again and again / Even though we break up in the end."

Still, while the Spotlight Video keeps racking up the views, Swindell does give a few hints about the official video.

"The video that came out when the song did, it was just a performance thing, so that's not the official video," Swindell shared with at a recent mediia event. "The treatment that we picked, we asked a lot of people to send their treatments in and the one we picked, I don't wanna give all of it away but, you already know what happens. The title is 'Break Up in the End' so the director had it all mapped out, starting at the end where you're packing up, and she's moving out."The upcoming video has elements that were Swindell's idea, only executed in a way better than the 34-year-old could have imagined.

"I think it's such a cool idea just going from the end back to when we first meet," he says. "I'm excited to see kind of the twists we have in there and just excited for [everyone] to see it. That was my vision originally, so I've picked the one closest to that. except it was on another level of good. That's why I just stick to writing songs, not video treatments ... I hope that we can bring this song to life."


"Break Up In the End" is from Swindell's studio album. Download the single on iTunes.

Photo Credit: YouTube