Zombie Boy's Manager Saw No Warnings Signs Ahead of Alleged Suicide

The death of Zombie Boy, real name Rick Genest, reportedly came as a complete surprise to those close to him, with his manager saying he was excited about future projects.

The model, who is best known for co-starring alongside Lady Gaga in the "Born This Way" music video, passed away reportedly after he jumped from a fourth floor balcony of an apartment building Wednesday around 5 p.m. ET in Le Plateau-Mont-Royal.

Manager Karim Leduc told TMZ that Zombie Boy was very focused on a couple of upcoming projects and had a "very positive mindset."

Leduc added that the projects included shooting a music video for his single called "Monster Inside,"as well as working on a book of poems.

He continued saying the model was excited about the video, and that it makes no sense he would end his life before it got made.

The manager added that Zombie Boy wasn't a drug user and was sober at the time of his death. He did note, however, that the model had been going through a rough patch, but was "uplifted" by all his future projects.

He insisted he didn't think twice about Genest's comments, and doesn't believe it was a suicide warning sign.

The family believes the death was accidental as the model would habitually lean back on a railing while smoking on his balcony.

After his appearance on Lady Gaga's video, Genest, who would have turned 33 this month, scored high-profile fashion work on the runway with Rocawear's relaunch in Europe and gigs with GQ and Vanity Fair.

Gaga took to Twitter to mourn the loss of Genest, writing that his suicide is "beyond devastating."

"We have to work harder to change the culture, bring Mental Health to the forefront and erase the stigma that we can't talk about it. If you are suffering, call a friend or family today. We must save each other," Gaga wrote.

Fans also reacted on social media to the sudden death, calling for change in how mental health is treated.

"We need to change things. We need to take mental health seriously. We need to learn that it's OK to ask for help. Soul healing is as important as healing your body," one person tweeted, adding, "RIP you beautiful creature."


Genest also held the Guinness World Record for the most insect tattoos on his body, with a total of 176, and the record for the most human bone tattoos, with a total of 139.

If you or someone you know needs help, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).