'NCIS' Star's Ex-Boyfriend Alleges New Details in Jailhouse Murder Claim Made by Ex-Husband

A man who claims he dated former NCIS: New Orleans star Zoe McLellan shared more alleged details about McLellan, who is now wanted in Los Angeles County for charges of kidnapping, child custody deprivation, and child stealing. McLellan's ex-husband, Jean-Pierre "J.P." Gillain, also claims McLellan wrongly accused her of sexually abusing their 8-year-old son Sebastian Gillain. Gillain has also accused McLellan of plotting to have him killed while he was behind bars.

Gillain was arrested in January 2020 on charges of first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature. The charges were eventually dropped due to a lack of evidence, but not before Gillain spent four months in jail. During those four months, Charlie Barber dated McLellan, he told Radar Online. Barber shared photos of himself with McLellan and Scott Bakula at an NCIS: New Orleans wrap party in 2016, noting that he first met McLellan when he was a stand-in for Bakula. They were only acquaintances at the time, but they reconnected in October 2019, after McLellan posted about her Believe The Child Campaign, which she started after she spoke about her allegations against Gillain. Barber claims he "reached out" to McLellan and offered to help since he has a young son himself. Over the next few months, the relationship with McLellan turned romantic, Barber told Radar Online.

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Zoe McLellan with Scott Bakula on NCIS: New Orleans. (Photo: Skip Bolen/CBS via Getty Images)

"I have a little boy the same age," Barber explained. "She thought it would be a good idea for Sebastian to have somebody to be around because she didn't let him out of the house. He didn't go outside to do anything. Neither one of them would leave their apartment because she said the dad, J.P., would harm them." in January 2020, the two began to see more of each other, around the time Gillain was arrested. During this time, McLellan started asking Barber if he knew anyone in the prison system. He did know a prison guard, whom he then connected with McLellan. But the guard later called up Barber to tell him to "get away" from the actress. Gillain previously told Radar Online that a former corrections officer told him his life was in danger because McLellan had asked the guard to have Gillain killed.

Barber claimed there were several strange moments during the time he knew McLellan. "Zoe would tell Sebastian almost constantly, 'You're such a brave boy for speaking out against your dad.' Like, over and over and over again. He just ignored it. He wouldn't say anything," Barber claimed. "Supposedly, every night, Sebastian would wake up with bad dreams, thinking his dad was coming to kill them. Well, I stayed over there God knows how many nights, and that never happened, not even once." McLellan made other claims about things Sebastian said about his father, but Barber claims he never heard Sebastian say these things himself. McLellan also told Barber she was psychic and bipolar, he claimed, although he noted he never saw her take any medication or go to therapy.

Barber said he last had contact with McLellan at the end of 2020. McLellan and Sebastian are last known to be living in River Ridge, Louisiana and remain missing. Barber believes they are still alive and fears for Sebastian's safety.


"I think if she was cornered up and knew she was fixing to be caught, in that instance, I would be afraid because I don't know what she would do," he told Radar Online. "Because she's already told me, 'Not under any circumstance will he have to spend another day with his dad.' And the way she said it was different. It was – she meant it."

McLellan starred as Agent Meredith Brody on NCIS: New Orleans from 2014 to 2016, and also appeared in three crossover episodes with the original NCIS. Her other credits include Suits, Designated Survivor, and an episode of Law & Order: Special Victims Unit. Her most recent credit is the Lifetime movie Is My Daughter Really Dead?.