'NCIS' Star Wanted for Kidnapping Accused by Ex of Attempted Jailhouse Assassination

Actress Zoe McLellan is wanted for the alleged kidnapping of her son, and her ex-husband claims that she has other crimes to answer for. According to a report by Radar Online, McLellan — best known for playing Agent Meredith Brody on NCIS and NCIS: New Orleans — is still at large since an arrest warrant was issued for her in May. Her ex-husband Jean-Pierre "J.P." Gillain claims that her arrest will clear his name of the allegations she made against him last year.

McLellan had Gillain arrested last January when he was reportedly booked on charges of first-degree rape and aggravated crime against nature. She claimed that he had been sexually abusing their young son, Sebastian, and that there were "other" victims as well. No other victims have come forward, and the charges were ultimately dropped. Gillain spent four months in jail, and he now tells Radar Online that he believes McLellan tried to have him assassinated while he was in there.

McLellan is now wanted in the state of California, but authorities have been unable to locate her or Sebastian since May. The warrant was issued in Los Angeles County, but McLellan and Sebastian were last seen living in River Ridge, Louisiana.

"She's capable of anything at this point," Gillain said of McLellan. He said that he wants to see her arrested in order to "restore some sort of truth of what really happened as opposed to what you read online, where basically I'm portrayed as this monster. And I would be a monster if I did do those things to my kid, obviously. Those people are monsters. But I didn't do any of that. It's a complete fabrication. And the concerning aspect of it is that is seems that it was so well-planned."

Gillain said that he first heard about the sexual abuse allegations against him when a social worker notified him that McLellan had put their son into a psychiatric hospital. He was deemed a "threat to himself and others," and held him there for two weeks. Gillain did not know that his son was suicidal, and said the hospitalization was McLellan's "arbitrary decision."

Meanwhile, Gillain said that a former corrections officer contacted him to let him know that his life was in danger. The guard said he was contacted by McLellan while Gillain was in jail, and that McLellan asked if the guard could arrange for Gillain to be killed.

"She gave a call to that person to see if he couldn't try to help her," he alleged. "And he tried to get her to say... He knew exactly what she was meaning. He kept asking, 'What do you mean?' And she never quite said it, so you can't really go against her on that one. But he said to me, 'I know exactly why she was calling me. She was asking where I like to go on vacation, what I like to do and if I could help with her ex who is in jail.'"


Gillain has shared other grim details about his case against McLellan, and so far, the actress has not come forward to answer them. McLellan remains at large at the time of this writing.