WWE Superstar Ronda Rousey Reacts to Pregnancy Rumors

Ronda Rousey has responded to the rumors that she is pregnant, asking fans and journalists to keep their speculation to themselves.

Rousey is making a name for herself in the WWE after making the jump from the UFC. However, on Thursday, reports began circulating suggesting that Rousey would be "finishing up with" her wrestling career soon to focus on "start a family." In response, Rousey spoke to ESPN reporter Ramona Shelburne.

"I honestly don't know why [anyone] feels [they're] an authority to speak on plans for my uterus," Rousey reportedly said. "It's my vagina, my life, keep the speculations to yourself. Leave me and my reproductive organs alone."

Rousey has spoken about her intent to step back from competing and performing eventually to have children. In 2016, she appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, saying that she hoped to have kids with her husband, Travis Browne some day. Last may, she told a TMZ reporter on the street that she would be pregnant "soon, someday soon."

The issue is complicated by Rousey's contract with the WWE, which lasts until 2021. However, representatives from the company said that "whether she wants to start a family is a private matter," suggesting that it is not necessarily forbidden by her wrestling obligations.

The rumors of Rousey's departure seem to have begun on a wrestling blog called Figure Four Online. Reporter Dave Meltzer suggested that Rousey could be leaving the WWE after WrestleMania in April, citing internal chatter at the company itself. After Rousey's response, Meltzer defended his report on Twitter.

"Never said finished," the blogger wrote, "said taking time off [and] would keep affiliation and no firm date just creative told to treat it like [she's] full time [through] [Wrestlemania] or shortly after, That's exactly what was said wish people who went with had read it."


"If you read my story [you'd] have seen facts are same as everyone else has reported," Meltzer went on. "People didn't read or listen and went with only part of it."

Rousey, 31, married Browne in 2017 after dating for a couple of years. Rousey's last fight in the UFC, where Browne is also a fighter, was at the end of 2016. She has made sporadic appearances in the WWE since 2014, and signed on full time in 2017. She made many big appearances last year, and it sounds like she intends to decide for herself if and when she will step away.