WWE: Nikki Bella Worked Through Depression After John Cena Breakup

Nikki Bella's gone through some serious changes as of recently between calling off the wedding with her ex-fiancé John Cena and hanging up her jersey alongside sister, Brie Bella.

The sisters took a six-month hiatus last year before returning in September to build up the feud with Ronda Rousey for WWE Revolution, but Bella admits she was pretty depressed during this time because she was still dealing with her breakup.

"When I came back to wrestle for WWE Evolution storyline, and we didn't get a chance to discuss it in detail on Total Bellas, but it was really hard on me because of having a breakup. I felt like I went back way too soon, and every week I was so depressed and miserable, and every time I entered that arena I had to force a smile on my face," Bella admitted on The Bellas Podcast. "I was just so sad because the person that was the love of my life [John Cena] ... that was my home, that was where we started, so I was actually happy that we became heels because then I didn't have to put that forced smile on my face and I could act like a b—, you know what I mean?"

The couple had been together for six years and got engaged in 2017. After their split in April 2018, she made yet another drastic change — she retired.

"Having that comeback, filming Total Bellas, running three companies and then fighting Ronda Rousey and beating up my body... I just remember when we were sitting there on our 35th birthday. I just sat there and said to myself that I was done," she said.

Bella mentions her age and health played a huge role in her decision.

"I started thinking about my health and my age," she continued. "I need to put more focus on my companies, so honestly, that was the reason why I retired. This is the thing about WWE though; the doors are truly never closed."


Brie then asked her to clarify if she was actually "retired" or just "burned out" and she clarified by saying she was in fact retired. She says she really wants to grow into the next faze of life and hopes to grace the cover of Forbes magazine one day.

"Yes, everyone, I am retired" she stated. "Right now I feel like I need to prioritize my life and my companies: Bella Radici Winery, Birdiebee Clothing Line, and Nicole and Brizee. They're number one as well as this podcast because I love connecting with you in my life. So, I can't connect with you guys in the ring. I can't connect with you guys on TV, but I can connect with you on this podcast, and that is prioritizing that ym fans come first. But I'm thinking my life in a different way. I'm 35 and that is how I want to think of it, so yes, I am retired."