WWE Superstar Charlotte Flair Shoots Down Engagement Rumors

Charlotte Flair is finally addressing rumors she's engaged to fellow WWE star Andrade. Speculation has been rife that the two were heading down the aisle after the women's champion was seen sporting what appeared to be an engagement ring on her finger, according to The Sun. However, it appears wedding bells aren't sounding just yet.

Flair, born Ashley Fleihr, shut down reports that she and Andrade were engaged to be married and secretly planning a wedding in a statement issued to Pro Wrestling Sheet. The 33-year-old warned fans, not to "believe everything" they see online, and assured the public that they're not engaged.

"Don't believe everything you read online," Flair said in her statement. "Unless you read that I'm the most decorated women's wrestler ever, because that is fact. No, we are not currently engaged."

She and Andrade went public about their romance recently, according the The Sun. Since then, they've appeared in a number of loved up photos together including one in which fans noticed a massive diamond ring on her wedding finger. The photo, posted to Flair's Instagram on April 6, shows her and Andrade standing side-by-side, smiling and laughing together. Her right hand is down between herself and Andrade, holding what appears to be a clutch. While it's not in the spotlight in the photo, fans couldn't help but notice the ring and what finger it happened to be sitting on.

"Did you get engaged [Charlotte] if so congratulations I'm so happy for you and [Andrade]," one eagle-eyed commenter wrote, but did not get a response from Flair or Andrade.

As noted by The Sun, Flair was seen wearing the ring several more times after the photo was posted. She was spotted with it on ahead of WrestleMania and again during a day on the beach, according to the outlet.


Although they may not be engaged, sources told TMZ Sports on Tuesday that things are heating up between the pair. According to the insider, their relationship is getting "very serious, very quickly." Perhaps an engagement won't be far off for the two of them.

If Flair were to marry Andrade, it wouldn't be her first trip down the aisle. According to The Sun, she's been married twice before. Flair first married Riki Johnson in May 2010. The pair divorced in February 2013. In her book, Second Nature, Flair claimed the divorce came amid multiple domestic assaults. Johnson has since filed a lawsuit against her over those claims. She married again in 2013, tying the knot with another professional wrestler named Thomas Latimer, also known as Bram. They divorced in October 2015.