William Shatner Divorcing Wife of 18 Years

William Shatner is set to move on from his marriage. TMZ learned that the 88-year-old filed for divorce. Documents obtained by the outlet report that the two split on Feb. 1. He and his wife, Elizabeth, had been together for 18 years.

The two walked down the aisle back in 2001. Things aren't expected to get dicey as the divorce finalizes because the pair have a prenup. It also helps that the two never had any kids together so what is usually a complicated obstacle in divorce filings won't be an issue here.

With the split, Shatner now will have gone through four marriages. He first got hitched to Gloria Rand in 1956 and stayed together until 1969. One of his kids, Melanie Shatner, was from this marriage.

Four years later, he and Marcy Lafferty tied the knot for what has ended up being his longest relationship. The two were together up until 1996. That following year saw him and Nerine Kidd took the leap before she passed away in 1999.

Shatner, who hails from Montreal, became a cultural icon as Captain James T. Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. Along with that, Shatner had starring roles in an array of other television shows including T.J. Hooker, Boston Legal and $#*! My Dad Says.

In addition to doing work on approximately 30 shows and 20 movies, Shatner also created TekWar, a series of science fiction novels, and has penned multiple books and co-authored a handful of novels dealing with the Star Trek Universe.

He's been as active as ever and has even begun making a push in the music industry. He even found himself invited to the Grand Ole Opry in Nashville to perform a song from his new album.

He shared in an interview with AARP that he's at his "creative zenith" right now and doesn't plan on slowing down despite his age.


"I mean, I don't fish and don't play golf. I ride horses a lot. But what are you going to do? You can't sit and rock," he questioned. "Well, you can sit and rock, but you have a guitar in your hand. My first album this year is a country music album."

"I'm very conscious of my age, the proximity of dying, and wanting to leave something. I have 15 kids and grandkids. Just blundering on and hoping for the best — I think that's the story of my life."