Will Meghan Markle's Dad Be at Baby Sussex Birth?

Meghan Markle's mother, Doria Ragland, may already be in London in preparation of the birth of her daughter's first royal baby, but the Duchess of Sussex's father will not be traveling across the pond for the occasion.

According to sources close to Thomas Markle who spoke to TMZ, the royal's father will not be traveling to London to be at his daughter's side during the birth of her first child with Prince Harry as he is still shut out by the Royal Family.

The sources claim that while Thomas still hopes to be a part of the littlest royal's life, as well as his daughter's, Markle is in a "cone of silence" and his attempts to contact her and reconcile following months of scathing headlines have been unsuccessful.

As royal fans will recall, the father-daughter duo's relationship became increasingly strained, and then entirely nonexistent, after Thomas was caught up in a paparazzi scandal just ahead of the May 19th royal wedding. A sudden health crisis then forced him to miss the nuptials, and the months that followed were filed with Thomas blasting the Royal Family in dozens of interviews.

Since then, Markle has reportedly "completely cut" her father off and reportedly doesn't wish to speak to him ever again, despite his many attempts to get into contact.

In an interview with Good Morning Britain in December, Thomas reported that his daughter "ghosted" him, and that he had he texts her "every day."

"I have been ghosted. I am very disappointed by it. I am not sure why it is happening. I [have] been reaching out. I have been trying to reach out for several weeks," he said. "Every day [I] send a text, I just haven't got anything back. I just keep asking for her to respond back to me and I haven't got any response back. I have sent letters."

The silence, and the growing concern that he would not be allowed in his grandchild's life, even allegedly prompted Thomas to contact the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby, who married Prince Harry and Meghan, in the hopes that he could help them reconcile.


"The palace is acutely aware of what problems could lie ahead with Thomas. He strongly believes the baby should be as much a part of his life as they will be Prince Charles's," a source claimed. "Thomas says the Markle blood will be as much in the child's veins as the 'blue blood' of the royals and he has 'rights.' He admits mistakes but with Meghan pregnant, he is desperate to heal the rift."

Despite the reports, TMZ's sources claim that Thomas "wishes Meghan and Harry the best" and is thankful that Markle's mother is at her side for the royal baby's arrival.