Why Kate Bosworth Swore off Dating Actors After Romance With Orlando Bloom

Kate Bosworth revealed the biggest lesson from her relationship with Orlando Bloom: do not date actors. While on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen Thursday, the Blue Crush star opened up about the two-year relationship. Bosworth is now married to director Michael Polish.

A caller asked Bosworth what the biggest lesson was from the relationship. Her gut response was reminding the audience that she married a director, not an actor. Cohen noted that actors dating other actors is not always a great idea, with Bosworth replying "no bueno."

"It's just... it's too much of the same thing," she added.

Bosworth and Bloom dated for over two years before their split in 2006. Even though Bosworth never wanted to date an actor again after their relationship, she is still on good terms with the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

"It hit when we were together," Bosworth said of the Pirates movies. "I think when you kind of go through something like that with someone, it's like you feel like that's a real anchor in many ways because it was just crazy. We would land at airports, and he would have, like, girls, like, lifting their shirts up … It was just wild."

Bosworth went on to explain how the success of Pirates drastically changed their relationship.

"I mean, if you're just two normal people hanging out, and all of a sudden it just blows up into something really surreal, then you kind of look at the person you're with as a rock in many ways," Bosworth said. "And I think we felt that way about each other through a crazy time."

Bosworth and Polish, who worked together on Big Sur, married in August 2013, notes Us Weekly. Bloom was married to supermodel Miranda Kerr from 2010 to 2013, and they have a son, Flynn, 8. Bloom is now engaged to singer Katy Perry.

On WWHL, Bosworth admitted her audition to play Mary Jane Watson in Sam Raimi's Spider-Man (2002) went terribly.

"I tanked it really, really badly," Bosworth said. "Auditioning is literally a layer of hell. It just sucks regardless, and I was really nervous. … I was not good at it. I knew. I just kind of froze. And I was really young!"

Bosworth, who did eventually get to star in the comic book movie Superman Returns as Lois Lane, added that Kirsten Dunst was "perfect" for the role.

Bosworth can now be seen on the new Netflix series The I-land, a science fiction series co-starring Natalie Martinez, Kyle Schmid, Sibylla Deen, Michelle Veintimilla and Alex Pettyfer.

Bosworth's other recent projects include The Devil Has a Name, The Domestics, The Art of More, Heist and Still Alice. She also stars in Polish's next movie, Force of Nature, with Mel Gibson and Emile Hirsch.


Photo credit: Donato Sardella/WireImage/Getty Images