Why Some Fans Thought 'Price Is Right' Host Bob Barker Died on Wednesday

Many Bob Barker fans let out a sigh of relief Wednesday when they learned that it was the former game show host's 95th birthday — and he had not died, as they had feared after seeing his name trend on Twitter.

"My God. For a second there I thought Bob Barker died," one Twitter user wrote. "Turns out it's his 95th Birthday."

"Oh my God I saw Bob Barker was trending and I actually cried thinking he had died, thank you sweet Jesus he's fine!" another wrote.

"Omg I saw Bob Barker trending and waited 5 minutes to click it cause I thought he died.... giant relief," someone else said.

"I saw 'Bob Barker' trending and went from thinking the worst to being totally confused as I thought he died ten years ago. Turns out it's his 95th birthday and I'm an idiot," another person cracked.

Others joked about the frequency that people jump to conclusions based on a trending topic on Twitter.

"Bob Barker come on down you're the next contestant on Twitter's We Thought You Had Died," one user wrote alongside a GIF of Barker on the The Price is Right.

"When you see Bob Barker trending, & assume the worst," one Twitter user wrote alongside a GIF of Barker and Adam Sandler in Happy Gilmore.

Much to the relief of Barker fans, his name was trending simply because others wanted to wish him a happy 95th birthday. The Price is Right official Twitter account kicked off the celebrations.

"Happy Birthday to the legendary, Bob Barker! Your TPIR family & fans love you & wish you the happiest day! Happy 95th, Bob!" the account wrote.

"COME ON DOWN!" one news account posted, in reference to his days as host of the game show from 1972 until 2007. "Happy birthday to former 'The Price is Right' host Bob Barker, who's turning 95 years young today!"

Others shared why Barker meant so much to them. "Happy 95th Bob Barker! Without him, school sick days would've been the worst," one user wrote.

One person shared a quote attributed to Barker. "'I can tell you that I'd rather be kissed by my dogs than by some people I've known.' - Bob Barker," their tweet read.

In his twilight years, Barker has suffered some health complications. Last month, his team said that he was "doing okay" following his second hospitalization in less than a month.

After suffering severe back pain, Barker was transported by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles in November after having a "non-emergency back problem." A few days later, his representative said he was "doing okay." The back pain was reportedly related to 2017 fall in which he slipped and hit his head in the bathroom in his Hollywood Hills, California home. He also fell at home in October 2015, which resulted in a one-and-a-half-inch laceration on his forehead and an injured knee.


Barker retired from The Price is Right in 2007 after more than five decades in television and 35 years on the game show.

"I've gone on and on and on to this ancient age because I've enjoyed it. I've thoroughly enjoyed it and I'm going to miss it," he said at the time of his retirement. "I'm just reaching the age where the constant effort to be there and do the show physically is a lot for me. I might be able to do the show another year, but better [to leave] a year too soon than a year too late."