Why Chris Pratt Is Getting Bombarded With Online Hate Right Now

On Monday, Chris Pratt was trending heavily on Twitter simply for his religious views and for people assuming he's a President Donald Trump supporter. In recent years, the Jurassic World actor has been very open about his religious stance backing the Christian belief, but online trolls are giving him flack for it. Filmmaker Amy Berg took to Twitter at the beginning of the week and asked followers which Chris in Hollywood they would get rid of out of Pratt, Chris Hemsworth, Chris Pine and Chris Evans, and users did not hold back.

"One has to go," Berg tweeted with photos of each Chris. One person responded, "Chris Pratt because he's MAGA. He's the worst Chris," according to USA Today. However, Pratt has never endorsed any presidential candidate in 2020. Someone else wrote, "Well, seeing as three of them are progressive, and one of them actively defends his church for being homophobic... Bye, Chris Pratt." Someone else said, "Chris Pratt is part of a church that supports conversion therapy. We've been knew who has to go."

Some tweets pointed out that Pratt belongs to Hillsong Church, a megachurch accused of anti-LGBTQ views. While several users showed their dismay for the actor, there were who were for him. One person said, "I just searched why Chris Pratt was trending and I'm upset." Other came to his defense saying, "He's not maga. He never said he was. In fact he's almost never political. People can't mind their own business these days smh."

Someone else mentioned, "I didn't realize that so many people were mind readers. Chris Pratt did something they didn't like and now they apparently know everything about him. It couldn't be that he simply didn't care or didn't want to go. Nah. Everything is deeper than that!"

While trolls are busy hating on Pratt, he's been pretty busy on the set of Jurassic World: Dominion. While the third — or sixth, however you prefer to look at it — installment of the franchise is set to hit theaters in 2022, fans are more than thrilled to see what everyone on set has in store. The film was set to release in 2021, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, filming was delayed by several months. Also, cast and crew returned to set with a much different view having to socially distance and get tested every single day before even proceeding. While things look a lot different these days, it appears the cast is happy to be back to work.