'Wheel of Fortune's Vanna White Sends Her 95-Year-Old Dad Sweet Father's Day Message

Wheel of Fortune co-host Vanna White sent her 95-year-old dad a sweet Father's Day message, and it has been melting hearts on social media. In a Twitter post, White shared a photo of her dear ol' dad, Herbert White Jr., showing the TV star giving him a soft kiss on the cheek. In the caption, she wished her "amazing" father a "Happy Father's Day," and extended his wishes to all her dad's fans around the world.

White's fans have been loving the post, with one user tweeting back, "Happy Father's Day to him. You are very blessed to still have him in your life to celebrate this day. Enjoy every minute. My dad has been in Heaven half of my life." Another fan offered, "Bless his heart, indeed! Enjoy and cherish as much time as you can with your parents." A final person added, "Oh Vanna how sweet he is [and] Happy Father's Day to him."

White also spoke about her dad during a recent episode of Wheel of Fortune. Host Pat Sajak asked White how her dad was doing, to which she replied, "He's great. He's 95 years old. I call him every morning to say good morning, and that I love him." She later added, "He's special."

It wasn't just White celebrating Father's Day on the show, as Sajak and his daughter Maggie also joined in. In a video shared to the Wheel of Fortune Twitter page, Sajak and Maggie sat down for a chat about last week's episodes, which featured all dad contestants. As they talked, Sajak shared that he'd found a video from when he took his daughter to a father-daughter dance.


In the clip, young Maggie is overjoyed to be getting ready for the dance with her dad and hurriedly prepares for their fun night. After the clip ended, Sajak joked that most of the daughters at the dance ran off and left their fathers, but that Maggie stayed with him and kept dancing. The pair then shared a more recent family photo, showing the Sajak's attending a sports event together. Later in the video, Sajak opens up about how in the early days of Wheel of Fortune, he was so busy with both the show and raising his family that he didn't fully comprehend the impact that the show had on fans until he was older.