What Famous Inmates Are Eating For Thanksgiving

Spending the holidays away from family is difficult. Spending Thanksgiving in prison is even more so.

Even in minimum security outposts, there is no luxurious way to spend the day but some of the celebrities that are behind bars will be feasting on a pretty typical menu.

According to TMZ, most everyone from Scott Peterson to El Chapo, will have turkey on the table.

The site discovered that Anthony Weiner and Chapo — who are both serving time at Federal Medical Center and Metropolitan Correctional Center — will be treated to the traditional fare with turkey, gravy and mashed potatoes. For dessert, Weiner will have pie and Chapo selected candied sweet potatoes.

The pair will be eating the more filling meal at lunch; so when it comes to dinner, all the two will have is an assorted box that includes sandwiches.

Inmates at the Walla Walla County Jail will have a traditional turkey dinner they've had a hand in making. It helps bring some level of normalcy to those that are incarcerated.

The kitchen staff at the jail takes part in making a full-course meal that includes mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, green beans and, of course, turkey, and pie.

Carol Guay, the jail's kitchen manager, said that he and his five staff members: Terry Diaz, Joseph Saucier, Robert DeLeon, Chris Crump and Brandon Wayne Fisher, have a family bond that they share during the tough holiday times.

"I've known (these guys) for a long time," Crump said. "I've known Carol for a while. For me I'd like to be out there, but being in here is not half bad."

Fisher said that being on the crew, and having a home-cooked meal, brings a little humanity back to him.

"Not only do we get good time here, but it also kind of doesn't feel like I'm in jail," he said. "It makes you feel like a person instead of just a number."

As for some other infamous members of the prison system, there is a pretty standard menu waiting for them.

  • Meek Mill is being held at State Correctional Facility in Pennsylvania and he will be eating real turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, green beans, cranberry sauce, rolls and pumpkin pie, according to TMZ.
  • Bobby Shmurda is at the Clinton Correctional Facility in upstate NY, who will have 6 oz of turkey, mashed potatoes, peas, carrots, stuffing, gravy, and a vanilla sundae for dessert.
  • Scott Peterson -- and the other inmates at San Quentin State Prison -- will have turkey or ham, green salad with Italian dressing, stuffing or yams, and cheesecake.
  • Kidd Creole is serving his time at Rikers Island, and will have roasted turkey, gravy, cranberry sauce, candied yams, steamed veggies and carrot cake.

One other famous inmate, Abby Lee Miller will not be receiving a traditional Thanksgiving meal, an inside correctional source told Radar.


"Abby Lee is going to miss eating Thanksgiving dinner in the dining hall, as the meal is served at 11 a.m. and she will be in visitation during that time," the insider said. "However, she will be allowed to pick up her to-go box at the Officer in Charge's office outside once her visitor leaves, which will be 3 p.m."

Unfortunately, by the time Abby gets her meal, it will be cold," they continued.

The insider also dished on what the prison holiday meal will look like for Miller. It will include: "dried up" turkey, canned cranberry sauce, green beans, mashed and sweet potatoes, a roll, a slice of pumpkin pie and a slice of pecan pie.