What Did Drake Say About Toilet Paper To Get Bleeped At Billboard Music Awards


During the 2017 Billboard Music Awards, Drake set a new record for most wins in a year. However, while Drake was on stage accepting his award for Top Artist, ABC appears to have decided that part of his speech was not appropriate for network television.

Drake's acceptance speech started out well enough, as he pointed out that he had his whole family up on stage. Drake acknowledged his father, Lil Wayne, and the love of his life Nicki Minaj. Drake even gave a shout-out to Adele, telling her to hold tight that she would get the record back.

Then, Drake said, "You know, someone wise once told me, 'Life is like toilet paper, you're either on a roll or you're taking...'" It was at this point that ABC's network censors' bleeped out part of what Drake was saying.


For those that are wondering what Drake said that got bleeped, it's likely it was the following expletive-filled quote: "Life is like toilet paper you're either on a roll or you're taking shit from some asshole."