Wendy Williams' Son Kevin Hunter Jr. Pleads Not Guilty in Assault Case

Wendy Williams’ son Kevin Hunter Jr. pleaded not guilty in a New Jersey court on Tuesday to [...]

Wendy Williams' son Kevin Hunter Jr. pleaded not guilty in a New Jersey court on Tuesday to charges of assault in relation to an altercation with his father last month.

According to TMZ, the court appearance only lasted a few minutes and the prosecutor requested more time to "review factors in the case" and stated that he believes the case will be resolved at the next court hearing.

It was initially believed that the teen's parents, Williams and Kevin Hunter, would be present for the hearing, though neither of them made an appearance. They were instead located in a car outside of the courtroom, as they were "advised it was unnecessary for them to go inside because the case was continued."

As was previously reported, Hunter Jr. had become involved in a physical altercation with his father in a New Jersey parking lot on Wednesday, May 22. The altercation reportedly stemmed from the family drama currently shrouding his parents following their divorce, and was prompted after Hunter Sr. told his son that Williams was "brainwashing" him.

The verbal fight escalated into a physical one, with Williams' estranged husband reportedly putting Hunter Jr. in a headlock, resulting in the teenager punching his father in the nose to loosen the hold.

"I can confirm that Kevin Hunter Jr. was arrested on May 21 in West Orange, NJ," the Essex County Prosecutor's Office confirmed the arrest. "There is an ongoing investigation and right now he's charged with simple assault. At this point the matter is in the family court, but those proceedings are not open to the public."

Although the 18-year-old was released from a West Orange Police Department precinct shortly after his arrest, charges against him were not immediately dropped, and criminal attorney Yelena Sharova claimed that he could be facing facing hefty fines or even jail time up to six months.

However, it is equally as likely that his punishment will be lessened due to his lack of a criminal record. His father has also stated his desire to not pursue the case, though TMZ claims that as it is a domestic incident, "prosecutors often press on regardless."

The fact that the case will likely be wrapped up during the next hearing suggests that the charges may ultimately be dismissed or a plea deal has been reached.

While the incident initially led to more drama for the family of three, sources claimed that Williams was optimistic that her son and estranged husband would be able to mend the rift in their relationship.

"Wendy is taking everything really hard, but she would like nothing more than to have everyone be in a place of healing," the source claimed. "It's such an uphill battle, but she really feels that it can happen sooner than later."

Williams herself even stated that Hunter and Hunter Jr. "aren't apart" and that she and her estranged husband intend to present a united front for their son's sake.