Wendy Williams Fans Convinced She Farted on Air

Fans are convinced they heard Wendy Williams let one rip in a recent episode of her show, and the [...]

Fans are convinced they heard Wendy Williams let one rip in a recent episode of her show, and the story is lingering in the air. On Friday's episode of The Wendy Williams Show, during Williams' "Hot Topics" segment, a strange noise had many viewers wrinkling their noses. Social media sleuths are still laughing over the clip today.

Williams was in her usual arm chair seat on the set of her talk show on Friday, wearing a bright red jump suit and extravagant jewellery. She had one leg crossed over the other and she leaned to her right, her elbow on the arm rest.

Williams dedicated a lot of Friday's "Hot Topics" segment to Odell Beckham Jr., the NFL star accused of slapping a police officer on the butt recently. Around the nine-minute mark, a muffled sound came across the microphone that many fans took for flatulence.

If that were not enough, Williams seemed to pause in that moment, before finally moving on as if she had not heard anything. So far, she has not commented on the moment, though it has gone viral on Twitter. The clip circulated on social media all weekend, usually paired with the new nickname "Windy Williams."

"WENDY FARTED!!! Sounded like a REAL Hot Topic..." one fan tweeted with a nauseated emoji.

"Wendy Williams farted on live TV. 2020, I love you," added another.

"WHAT? The microphone picked that up huh? She can't control her farts. Wow," a third person marvelled.

Some people online went so far as to say that this incident was some kind of "karma" for Williams' often critical words about other celebrities on the air. In fact, many are still fuming at the talk show host for mocking Joaquin Phoenix's facial scar in a recent episode.

Last week, Williams pointed out the scar on Phoenix's upper lip, which comes from the corrective surgery that fixed his cleft palate. Williams even named the condition, proving that she knew it was a medical issue. Afterwards, thousands of people with cleft palates called her out for mocking him.

Some of these viewers even organized an online petition to Fox, asking for the company to fire Williams over the joke. At the time of this writing, over 74,000 people have signed the petition, and more are signing on by the minute.

Williams did apologize for her joke about Phoenix in a post on Twitter last Wednesday.

"I want to apologize to the cleft community and in Beau's honor, our show is donating to [Operation Smile] and [American Cleft Palate] and encourage our Wendy Watchers to learn more and help support the cleft community," she wrote.