'Waterboy' Star Flips out on Restaurant Hostess in Viral Video

Peter Dante, a character actor known for starring in almost every Adam Sandler movie, was caught on camera flipping out after a hostess at a Los Angeles restaurant refused him service because he was not wearing a face mask. In the video, published by TMZ on Jan. 4, Dante is heard cursing at the woman and demanding to see her boss. The Waterboy actor, 53, later apologized for his actions on Instagram.

The video was filmed on Jan. 3 at Quarters Korean BBQ in Los Angeles' Koreatown. Dante wanted to get a table, but the hostess refused to seat him because he was not wearing a mask. In the video, the hostess is seen standing next to a sign that reads "No mask, no entry."

Dante called the woman "garbage" and a "c—" before he asked to talk with her boss. When the manager came over, Dante began complaining to another employee and still complained about the mask policy. The actor eventually agreed to leave, but witnesses told TMZ the hostess was almost in tears.

After the video went viral, Dante took to Instagram to apologize. "Rise Above With Love Mistakes Happen In A Terrible State Of Mind Does Not Mean Its The Real Me and Apology Made and Will Never Happen Again. Live Learn Love," he wrote on Jan. 7.

In September, Dante got in trouble with the police when he allegedly threatened to kill his neighbor, TMZ reported at the time. Law enforcement sources told the site police showed up at Dante's Los Angeles home because he was annoyed at the sound his neighbor's construction work was making. According to police, Dante confronted his neighbor, and it allegedly escalated when Dante threatened to kill the man and hurt his family. After police interviewed all parties involved, Dante was arrested for making felony criminal threats. He was arrested after posting bail.

Dante also found his way onto TMZ back in November 2013 when he was thrown out of a Los Angeles hotel for allegedly using racist and homophobic slurs. He was reportedly set off after he asked for a new room key and staffers didn't recognize him. When TMZ cameras caught up with him a few days later, Dante claimed he could use the N-word because he has Black friends who were "cool with it."

Dante has supporting parts in most of Sandler's Happy Madison Productions movies. He can be seen in The Wedding Singer, The Waterboy, Little Nicky, Big Daddy, Mr. Deeds, 50 First Dates, and Grandma's Boy. He most recently appeared alongside Sandler in Grown Ups 2 in 2013.