Watch Lizzo Twerk During Lakers Game as Fans Capture the Controversial Moment on Video

Lizzo was not scheduled to perform at the L.A. Lakers game on Sunday, but she put on a show nonetheless. The "Truth Hurts" singer stepped out of her seat and into the aisle to twerk at the game, briefly baring it all on the jumbotron. Fans had a mixed reaction to the slightly explicit moment.

Lizzo was in the crowd on Sunday night as the Lakers played against the Minnesota Timberwolves in Los Angeles on Sunday night. The singer wore a black t-shirt dress that fell well below her waist, and when she got up to dance, she revealed she was wearing just a thong underneath.

Lizzo's song "Juice" played during the halftime show, with some performers doing a choreographed dance to it out on the court. The jumbotron cameraman panned over to get Lizzo's reaction just as she got into the aisle, pulled her shirt up and began twerking.

The camera cut away quickly, but the moment still went viral on social media. Fans had mixed responses both in the crowd and online, arguing about whether Lizzo had crossed a line by exposing herself so brazenly in front of a crowd that included children.

"There's being self confident and then there's doing too much," one fan wrote on Instagram, "wanna guess what category she's in?"

"Wtf girl wyd there are children around," added another.

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"Theres kids there though... Totally not appropriate," echoed a third person.

Lizzo has been hailed as an inspiration for her self-love, body-positivity and fearlessness. She posed nude for her album cover, posts risque photos on social media and often wears skimpy outfits at her shows. Many of her die-hard fans argued that even Monday's display was justifiable, pointing out that the dancers on the court were not wearing much either.

"If Lizzo is only 'getting away' with showing her ass because she's big (which isn't true and is easily debunked but let's play along), good. Big women haven't been able to 'get away' with half of what small ones do, so don't try and keep score now," argued culture critic Jamilah Lemieux.

Meanwhile, many fans found other reasons to dislike the outfit choice, primarily hygienic ones.


"Wait but where sis sat, the germophobe in me could never," one commenter wrote.

Lizzo had a breakout year in 2019, and she will finish it by being the musical guest for the midseason finale of Saturday Night Live. She takes the stage with host Eddie Murphy on Dec. 21 at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.