UFC Fighter Conor McGregor Avoids Charges in Latest Legal Case

The charges against Conor McGregor for driving in Ireland without a license have been dropped, according to a report by TMZ.

McGregor has had his fair share of legal complications this year, but at least one big charge has just been dropped. The infamous UFC fighter was pulled over back in July in Dublin, Ireland. Police initially said he could not produce a valid driver's license; however, in his latest hearing, he reportedly presented the card and cleared his name.

McGregor was pulled over on July 10. At the time, Irish police said he failed to produce proof of car insurance, as well as a license. McGregor went to court on Monday and showed sufficient proof that he was driving legally with the proper insurance.

The usually brash athlete seems to have found a way to hold his tongue in this latest hearing. He reportedly allowed his lawyer to do the talking, with his only words being, "Thank you, Judge" while inside the courtroom.

Unfortunately, McGregor was not free to drive off on his own after the hearing. The fighter is reportedly banned from driving in Ireland for six months following another speeding charge back in 2017. The punishment was handed out just last month, so McGregor has a ways to go before he gets his wheels back.

Of course, the 30-year-old MMA superstar is as much of a celebrity in his native Ireland as he is here in the United States. McGregor reportedly arrived at his hearing in style, climbing out of the back of a blacked-out BMW surrounded by security guards. He traded in his shorts for a suit, and remained collected in court.

McGregor spent a lot of time in court — and out — this year. He was arrested in New York City for throwing a luggage dolly a bus, though ultimately the UFC and the legal system gave him a slap on the wrist for that. After that, there was his brawl with Khabib Nurmagomedov after the bell had rung, and just this fall he missed an important court date.


McGregor was scheduled to appear in court on Oct. 18, but he failed to show up. The fighter was accused of injuring a bystander when he threw a can of Monster Energy at a press event back in 2016. McGregor made no comment on the missed hearing, but could face serious legal repercussions for missing it.

In all likelihood, the athlete is more focused on his career in the ring. In a melancholy Instagram post, McGregor referred to his second round with Nurmagomedov as "the worst round of my fighting career."