Meet Tyga's Reported New Girlfriend

Embattled rapper Tyga was seen out and about with a new woman this weekend. At a soccer match in Paris on Saturday, Tyga sat beside Hungarian model Barbara Palvin, and the two seemed to be getting along nicely.

Is it Christmas yet? 🎄🎁

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Some are speculating that Palvin may be Tyga's newest love interest. The creator of "Rack City" has been hopping from relationship to relationship ever since he split with Kylie Jenner once and for all earlier this year.

Palvin is well-known as a model and performer. In 2016, she was named Rookie of the Year in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. However, rumors about who she may be dating vary. Some reports have linked her closely to Niall Horan, while others note that she's often seen with Formula 1 driver Lewis Hamilton.

However, one of the biggest rumors is that Palvin is seeing Neymar -- a football star who was playing in the match that Palvin and Tyga were seen at. It's possible the two were there merely as friends.

There's never a shortage of rumors concerning Tyga's love life. Current speculation suggests that he's seeing Kamilla Osman -- a Kim Kardashian look-alike who's been featured on Keeping Up With the Kardashians. The two have been seen out and about together several times, though neither has made a comment on the status of their relationship.


Tyga had a famously tumultuous relationship with Kylie Jenner, with some speculating that the two were dating before Kardashian turned eighteen.

Photo Credit: Instagram / @realbarbarapalvin