'Two and a Half Men' Co-Creator Remembers Conchata Ferrell: 'A Warm, Wonderful Woman'

Conchata Ferrell was a mainstay throughout the successful 12-season run of Two and a Half Men. In [...]

Conchata Ferrell was a mainstay throughout the successful 12-season run of Two and a Half Men. In the wake of her passing — it was revealed she died on Tuesday at the age of 77 — many of the show's stars paid tribute to her on social media. One of the series' co-creators, Lee Aronsohn, also paid his respects to the woman who starred as the maid, Berta, in his creation.

Aronsohn called Ferrell a "warm, wonderful woman" and was someone who was always a joy to be around. The two worked together from 2003 to 2015 as Ferrell's role earned her two Emmy nominations for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Comedy Series. Aronsohn also sent his wishes to her husband, Arnie, who he said was always by her side. This statement stands true with another cast member, Melanie Lynskey, who played Rose in the series. In her tweet honoring the legacy of Ferrell, Lynskey mentioned that her husband was always on set and often joined by their daughter.

The show's success has largely due to the delivery of the show's main stars, Jon Cryer and Charlie Sheen. The latter of which starred for eight seasons before exiting the series. Both men paid their respects to their former co-star on Twitter. Cryer, who said he was "crying for the woman I'll miss," called Ferrell a "beautiful human." He also noted that what viewers saw on screen — what he referred to as "Berta's gruff exterior" - was anything but what her off-screen persona was like. He said two of her biggest strengths were her warmth and vulnerability, something that fans of the show know her character exhibited none of. Sheen also expressed his sympathy over her loss, calling her "an absolute sweetheart" in his tweet. He applauded for her being a professional in the acting industry and saw her as a "genuine friend."

Before joining Two and a Half Men, she also picked up an Emmy nomination for her in L.A. Law in 1992. She appeared in that drama between 1988-1992. After that, some of her other notable works in television included A Peaceful Kingdom, Hearts Afire and Teen Angel. She also appeared in five episode of Netflit'x The Ranch.