Tristan Thompson Roasted by Fans After Khloe Kardashian Breakup, Alleged Affair

Tristan Thompson is getting roasted by fans, after news that Khloe Kardashian has officially [...]

Tristan Thompson is getting roasted by fans, after news that Khloe Kardashian has officially broken up with him over new affair allegations.

According to reports, Thompson was spotted out partying at his home on Sunday with Jordyn Woods. Woods is the best friend of Kardashian's younger sister Kyle Jenner, which adds a significant layer of drama to the news.

Fans and followers of the Kardashians have since taken to social media to drag Thompson over the new reports, and they are not holding back, even getting so intense that Thompson had to turn off the comments on his Instagram account.

"Tristan Thompson is 6'9 and somehow keeps thinking he can get away with cheating in the club," one person joked.

"I hope everyone (except Tristan Thompson & Jordyn Woods) is having a wonderful day," another person commented.

"Jordyn Woods was seen in the club over the weekend [with] Tristan Thompson [and] reports are saying they're having sex. Khloe decided to leave Tristan because of this and I hope she appreciates the good deed jordy did," someone else wrote.

"Tristan Thompson is a piece of s— but definitely a piece of s— that needs to get his Jersey retired if he really bagged Jordyn Woods," one other user said.

Additionally, Thompson apparently tweeted out "FAKE NEWS," shortly after the cheating allegations and break-up reports emerged, but he has since deleted that post.

This is not the first time Thompson has been alleged to have cheated on Kardashian, as while she was pregnant with their daughter True rumors and security cam footage surfaced, purporting that the Cleveland Cavaliers star has not been faithful.

At this time, no one involved has issued a formal statement on the matter, but it may not be long before Woods or Thompson speak up if they do in fact deny the claims.