Traci Braxton's Husband Has Family at Odds Over Planned Public Memorial Reportedly Against Her Wishes

Traci Braxton's death is still shocking for her millions of fans. The singer and reality star died on March 12 after a private year-long battle with esophageal cancer. Her famous sisters, parents, friends, husband, and son were by her side when she passed. Unfortunately, there is drama amongst the family, reportedly over Traci's sisters and mother being opposed to a public memorial arranged by Traci's husband, Kevin Surratt Sr., and management team. Details about the memorial was released via Traci's official Instagram account on Weds. March 30 and advised fans interested in attending to register online. The memorial, which aired online on Thursday, March 31, featured touching tributes from those close to Traci, including her husband and son, Kevin Jr. But per a report from Page Six, Traci's sister and mother were against it all.

"Traci did not want a funeral or wake. She did not want people looking all over her body. She specifically requested to be immediately cremated… There was a Zoom meeting that made it clear about what she wanted, and now her husband is trying to cash in on her name," a Braxton insider told the media outlet. A separate memorial was held last week, with the sisters and mother opting not to attend that one either. Traci's father and brother did attend.

Surratt Sr. says he's disappointed by how things currently are between him and his in-laws. But he insists he's done everything according to his wife's wishes. 

"I was with my wife… more than anybody in this world," he said. "I know my wife, and when she got cancer, we really started to communicate about funeral plans and I was still trying to find treatments for her. I went to every single one of her doctor appointments throughout our entire marriage. That's how we were, and now they're treating me like a [deadbeat] husband." He also added that Traci "wanted a viewing and one memorial service in conjunction with her management, PR and other members to come together and celebrate her."

Instead of the memorial Surratt planned, Traci's sisters and mothers planned their own memorial for Saturday, April 2 on what would have been Traci's 51st birthday. The Braxtons have not spoken publicly about any tension between them and Surratt. Surratt says he was not invited to their special memorial, but hopes they can one day sort things out.